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At the heart of all Linux distributions is the Linux kernel. Even the ultra popular Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel, which makes it all the more important for developers to understand the Linux kernel

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1.Linux Kernel Development

Linux Kernel Development details the design and implementation of the Linux kernel, presenting the content in a manner that is beneficial to those writing and developing kernel code, as well as to programmers seeking to better understand the operating system and become more efficient and productive in their coding.

2.Professional Linux Kernel Architecture

Find an introduction to the architecture, concepts and algorithms of the Linux kernel in Professional Linux Kernel Architecture, a guide to the kernel sources and large number of connections among subsystems. Find an introduction to the relevant structures and functions exported by the kernel to userland, understand the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the Linux kernel and Unix derivatives, and gain a deeper understanding of the kernel.

3.Understanding the Linux Kernel

The third edition of Understanding the Linux Kernel takes you on a guided tour of the most significant data structures, algorithms, and programming tricks used in the kernel. Probing beyond superficial features, the authors offer valuable insights to people who want to know how things really work inside their machine.

4.Linux Device Drivers

Device drivers literally drive everything you’re interested in–disks, monitors, keyboards, modems–everything outside the computer chip and memory. And writing device drivers is one of the few areas of programming for the Linux operating system that calls for unique, Linux-specific knowledge.

5.Essential Linux Device Drivers

Linux now offers an exceptionally robust environment for driver development: with today’s kernels, what once required years of development time can be accomplished in days. In this practical, example-driven book, one of the world’s most experienced Linux driver developers systematically demonstrates how to develop reliable Linux drivers for virtually any device.

6.Linux System Programming

Write software that draws directly on services offered by the Linux kernel and core system libraries. With this comprehensive book, Linux kernel contributor Robert Love provides you with a tutorial on Linux system programming, a reference manual on Linux system calls, and an insider’s guide to writing smarter, faster code.

7.Building Embedded Linux Systems

Updated for the latest version of the Linux kernel, this new edition gives you the basics of building embedded Linux systems, along with the configuration, setup, and use of more than 40 different open source and free software packages in common use. The book also looks at the strengths and weaknesses of using Linux in an embedded system, plus a discussion of licensing issues, and an introduction to real-time, with a discussion of real-time options for Linux.

8.Understanding Linux Network Internals

If you’ve ever wondered how Linux carries out the complicated tasks assigned to it by the IP protocols — or if you just want to learn about modern networking through real-life examples — Understanding Linux Network Internals is for you.


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HOUSTON, TEXAS – A Ugandan family was found dead inside an apartment Monday morning in west Houston, according to Houston police.

The bodies of a Houston pastor, his wife and their son, were found inside an apartment Monday morning in west Houston, Click Here For more reports.
The victims were identified as Israel Ahimbisibwe, vicar of Redeemer Episcopal Church in Houston; his wife, Dorcus; and their 5-year-old son, Israel Ahimbisibwe Jr., according to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.
Houston Fire Department firefighters found the bodies Monday morning at an apartment in the 800 block of Strey Lane, just south of Memorial City Mall, after concerned church members said the pastor and his wife did not show up at church on Sunday and couldn’t be reached on Monday.

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The pastor’s wife, Docus

“He didn’t show up for church yesterday afternoon, which is totally out of character for them not to let us know, and didn’t respond to text or phone calls,” church member Keever Wallace said.

Wallace and his wife, Brooke, knocked on the apartment door late Sunday but got no response. Brooke Wallace returned Monday morning and alerted an apartment manager, who opened the apartment to allow HFD firefighters to conduct a welfare check.
Houston police said the family of three was found dead in the apartment. According to sources, all three had been beaten to death. It’s not clear how long they had been dead.
Police said there were no signs of forced entry.
The Ahimbisibwes were parents to two older children as well, according to church members, both boys. One attends private school in California. The other graduated from Memorial High School last year.

Police are still combing through the apartment. The victims’ bodies have not been moved. Monday morning about a dozen church members gathered outside the apartment to pray for the family.
“It’s a shock,” Keever Wallace said. “This is just a shock. I don’t know how to make any sense of this at all.”
“This is a horrific and awful tragedy,” Bishop C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of Texas, said in a statement. “We are in touch with the police and Israel’s family here in Houston. Please keep the Ahimbisibwe and Redeemer families in your prayers.”

The diocese said Ahimbisibwe, a native of Uganda, was ordained in the Church of Uganda and held master’s degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Harvard Divinity School.

He earned another master’s and doctorate from Rice University after completing graduate research at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The New Vision online talked to a brother to the pastor’s wife, Apollo Kashanku, a transport economist in the Ministry of works & transport, who said they were still gathering detailed information about the deceased. He said the family was last in Uganda in June 2014.
He said they were exploiting the possibility of returning the bodies of the deceased to Uganda for burial